Jennifer Bakker


Some­thing about myself:

My name is Jen­nifer Bakker-​Olsem, I was born and raised in Utrecht.

Nowa­days I live in Woer­den with my hus­band and three kids.

I love all different forms of creativity. I’ve noticed over the years that the emphasis can lay on different forms or on some simultanously. Through speaking in public, singing, writing (songs, poems and wordart), theatre or painting I express the processes that are/were going on in my life or just the urge to create.

Many things can be inspir­ing to me: God, photo’s, nature, a song, a poem, a thought, a movie, other peoples art and my adven­tures in life.

A paint­ing, a photo, a pic­ture, a stature can say so much more than words. I think in pic­tures. It’s a lan­guage that is easy to under­stand for all peo­ple. And can bring a mes­sage straight through the heart. Pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive. It brings forth emo­tions, it touches. That’s why I gave it the name: art thouches. I hope that my paint­ings or other forms of art will touch you and inspire you.

Since feb­ru­ary 2014 I have been given paint­ing lessons in the Meer­paal in Woer­den until october 2015. I have done this with great pleasure.

Nowadays I am working on my own collection, painting assignments and projects that are coming my way. But if you are interested in taking a private lesson or want to book a workshop, than this is still possible. Fill in the contact form for more information.

You can also order a customized tile with your own quote on it. Or you can order a poster or card of an artwork. Just contact me for the possibilities.

I also speak in churches and for womengroups. I work together with the different projects of Arts Alive, like: Walking Theatre Dolorosa, the Arts Weekend and the Arts Summit.

For ques­tions, remarks or a price, you can fill out the con­tact form.
I will respond as quickly as possible.