Exhibition Soissons

Saterday morning we decorated the room with my paintings. We looked at the paintings and where we could hang them, so it would give the best result. Some of the titles were poorly translated by me, so I had to make new ones for those. We also layed down a notebook, so people could write down their reaction of the exhibition. So everything was ready for the sundayafternoon.




On sunday morning I told my testemony to the church of Soissons. The reactions of the people were overwhelming. And God used me to show His glory and might, so the people got hope back in their own situations.

It was fun to see so many people at the exhibition. It exceeded all my expectations.
First I was intervieuwed and told the people of my passion to paint and about the collections of paintings. In my preperation time I didn’t had a theme or name for the exhibition. The paintings were all so different from one another. Until God showed me that there was something, or better yet someone who connected all the paintings together: Jesus! He is my Salvation (It’s finished), He is my Comforter (Leaning on my beloved), He is the Lion of Judah, He is my deliverer (Innocence – Epilogue), He is my King (Revelation), He is my Healer (Divulgation) and He is my Protector (Protection in the storm). And then I knew what the theme of the exhibition had to be: The names of Jesus.

After the interview I explained 3 paintings: my King, my Salvation and my Healer. Afterwards the people could walk around and take a closer look at the paintings or make some conservation with me. Meanwhile drinks and snacks were being served.
I enjoyed everything! It brought me such joy and pleasure.; the interview, the explanation of the paintings and the conversations with the people. It was a great adventure!

Now the paintings are hanging there until the beginning of december.