God, Close and Personal

Some while now I have had the desire to organise an event about hearing Gods voice and the spiritual realm. But I didn’t know when, how, what and where. After my adventure in France I knew for sure that I had received a mandate and that it was the time to step out.
It was an exciting adventure, but I experienced Gods peace and joy over the whole thing. Which people did I had to ask to help me, what was the best location and the best date, what message would I bring and how would I deliver it? All questions to consider and think about in prayer.

After I asked the people and the location was booked, I had to do some form of PR. My brother Laurens Olsem designed the flyer and I was very pleased with the result. I also made a facebookpage and now I could give rumor to the event.

This was the flyer:


It was a very good event where the participants learned to recognize Gods voice in their lives and how they could prophesy over one another.
In the evening they learned what is possible and how we can experience the spiritual realm more in our day to day life.


It was so beautiful to see how the people where encouraged and touched. I look back on a great adventure and who knows, maybe in the future we’ll do something like this again…