Art Gallery Theatre Dolorosa 2018

For the third time in a row, I was given the privilege to build up the Art Gallery for Dolorosa. Only this time the location was a disaster for the number of visitors! The Bavo church in Haarlem is so huge that people couldn’t find the Art Gallery. So the team and I decided to move the Art Gallery to a different location in church. I had to build it up again on sundaymorning before the shows were going to start. But what an improvement it was! The people came before the show started and afterwards. It was a huge succes!

The gallery at the first location:


The gallery at the second location:


There were many positive reactions. There was one reaction that was exactly the reason why we do this every year. A tourist walked in the gallery and told me that he felt such a peace coming over him during the looking at the art, he never experienced that before in such a way. We were all very encouraged by that.